Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00%
Additional terms Thank you for showing an in interest in our Affiliate Marketing Program. Before you get started we will ask you to kindly complete the below application. Once your application has been received our team will review your application and keep you updated on the status of your submission. Before applying please ensure you read the Affiliate Agreement in its entirety to avoid potential delays or termination of our program. If you have any questions about the application process or about any of our terms and conditions you may email us at [email protected] Affiliate Agreement Overview This document will serve as the full terms and conditions for all affiliates entering into an affiliate marketing program with The Joy Factory. To ensure compliance the document must be read in full. Obligations within this document must be upheld by the affiliate at all times to remain in the program. I. Affiliate Obligations and Restrictions Within this section you will find all obligations and restrictions for affiliates entering into an affiliate marketing program with The Joy Factory. This section will be strongly enforced and any affiliate that violates any items will be immediately terminated from the program. Obligations 1.1.a Actively promote The Joy Factory brand of products on your website(s) to drive revenue. In order to maintain a relationship with our brand it is imperative you remain active. 1.1.b Responsibly promote The Joy Factory and associated products while abiding by the below restrictions. Restrictions Mentions of The Joy Factory and associated products and brands may not be made on websites and/or webpages that are affiliated or mention any of the following: 1.2.a Violence of any sort 1.2.b Sexually explicit material of any kind 1.2.c Illegal activities 1.2.d Discrimination of any kind including, but not limiting age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, and nationality 1.2.e Houses material that knowingly infringes or assists others to infringe on a copyright, trademark, or intellectual property Other restrictions not covered in the above 1.2.f Domain name must not include The Joy Factory company name or product and brand names 1.2.g Managed websites may not mimic or resemble The Joy Factory’s website II. Affiliate Responsibility In order to maintain an active and rewarding program with The Joy Factory the following responsibilities fall on the Affiliate to maintain. 2.1.a Maintain your website to ensure it is safe and secure for users by protecting them from click bate 2.1.b Uphold all applicable intellectual property and other laws pertaining to your website. You must have written expressed permission to host others copy written material of any form. The Joy Factory is not responsible for misuse or abuse or violation of any copy write laws 2.1.c Properly link your advertisement to collect revenue from transactions generated as the result of a user visiting your site and clicking the link to make a purchase on our site. 2.1.d Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations 2.1.e Review our programs details. Download and utilize creatives to help generate sales III. Program Termination Either party is permitted to terminate this agreement at anytime with or without cause, by providing a written notice. Any term violation will result in immediate agreement termination. IV. Amendments Amendments to this agreement may be made at anytime. The Joy Factory will distribute an updated agreement to all affiliates each time a change has occurred. If you find an amendment to be unfavorable to you, you have the right to terminate the agreement at anytime. Written termination must be provided to The Joy Factory. V. Payments The Joy Factory uses Rerfersion to track all Affiliate related transactions. Each affiliate has a commission program associated with their account. Commissions will be paid based on the agreed rate. Each transaction is subject to a 30 day wait period pending any returns. Commissions are to be paid on the 15th of each month. A commission payout report will be generated and distributed on the 13th of each month. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to provide written dispute of commissions by the 14th of each month. Disputes received after the 14th will be reviewed and reconciled in the next pay period. VI. Promotion Restrictions While you are free to promote on all of your affiliated websites we prohibit the use of unsolicited commercial emails, posting on non-commercial newsgroups. Your promotional efforts should not conceal or misrepresent your identity, your domain name and or your email address. You must always represent yourself as being a separate entity from The Joy Factory. You must stay compliant with all spamming laws. If we find you in violation this agreement will be terminated immediately and any pending balance owed to you will not be paid. Pay-Per-Click and other campaign efforts may be run at the expense of the affiliate unless otherwise agreed upon. These campaigns may not have The Joy Factory or any associated URLs as the keywords within the campaign. Misspellings and other similar alterations fall within this restriction.